It's really sad to realise that we have been made to believe that gym wears have to be tight-fitted and sexy, i mean, you have to show off your lovely Abs and well toned thighs right? The exercise world is lowering the Modesty bar and we are sure falling for it!

You go into a sports store and all you see are skimpy tank tops, shorts, sport bras and the likes and you convince yourself that they are not that bad, after all, you need to be free and feel sexy while working out. This is also similar to the swimwear dilemma(that's a story for another day).

This got me thinking and i decided to share a few tips on modest workout clothes (there's more to come).

  • Wear Loose Pants : Instead of wearing tight-fitted pants, go for pants that are one size up from your normal pants and consider straight leg pants or  pants with a little flare at the bottom.
  • Wear a Long Top : This is essential for those of us gifted at the back, go for a long top to cover your bum and it shouldn't be too tight to show your body figure neither should it be too big for comfort during workout.
  • Wear shorts with leggings : You can also pair your shorts with's chic and Modest!

You can check HEREHERE or HERE for some tracksuits i personally love. You can also check HERE for other modest tracksuits you might like.

I want to hear from you.
  • What tips do you have for maintaining modesty while working out?


  1. I cherish your quest for modesty in all things.... and am happy to know this can also be achieved in a gym... where ladies let it all out.

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