Let me drop this autumn look here as my way of saying Goodbye Autumn...Hello Winter!

Although it's not officially winter here but who cares about official dates when we are already having temperatures of -1 to -3 even during the day! So again...Hello Winter!

I remember when i was still in Nigeria and i told my husband that whenever i travel out of the country, my favourite season would be winter( just because of fine coats o). Right now, i can't believe i said that! Like was i in a right state of mind when
i chose winter over every other seasons...i don't think so. Now, i would choose summer all over again..i don't care about fine coats anymore Mbok!

 I'm in love with this floral dress from H&M. It's a straight-cut dress in a patterned viscose crepe weave with a small stand-up collar, frills at the top, an opening with covered buttons at the back of the neck and long sleeves. I actually wore a top inside the dress to cover the opening at the back and i paired with the black boots i wore in this post. Also added a black leather jacket for extra layering, swag and a bit of street look. Used a green pashmina for my headscarf (i turned heads with this headscarf, the whites were obviously fascinated) and i finally added my dark shades from gleemahfashion on Instagram. And who says i can't use dark shades in Winter? No one!

A passer-by forced me to smile and i sure didn't

Photo credit : My boo..thanks for always taking lovely pictures for my blog!

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Have a great week Guys!
Love x Kisses..

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  1. Early winter I should say! Nice write up as usual. Kudos!!!



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