I know it's been a while i featured the Modest Fashionista of the Week, so here it comes again for your delight and i promise to be a good girl So look out for our weekly modest fashionista every Friday. I have featured two in the past, in case you missed them, check the first one HERE and the second one just HERE.

It's my pleasure to introduce our worthy and gorgeous modest fashionista for this week.
Meet Miss Ruqayyah Ayoola, a Microbiologist, Fashion Designer and Brand owner of Dreamwearsfashionworld (check out her page on Instagram).

And yeah! She's freaking cute! Hey..I'm not talking about the facial beauty alone but also the Modesty attached to her personality. She slays modestly...... and effortlessly! I noticed she has a thing for gowns, and they are always simple but classy. I also couldn't help but notice her love for pearls as can be seen on her pieces.
I have my eye on some of her dresses girl, don't be surprised if you don't find them in your wardrobe!

Below is a short interview with her, as she gives her reasons for staying modest in style!

Q : Salam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah
A : Wa Alaykum Salam Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh.

Q : Please tell us a little about yourself
A : My name is Ruqayyah Ayoola. I'm a graduate of Lagos state university (B.Sc Microbiology), Mental awareness advocate, Model, Stylist, Fashion Designer and Brand owner @dreamwearsfashionworld.

Q : What does Fashion mean to you?
A : To be brief.....Fashion is a way/manner/style/custom of doing something.

Q : We are in a world where Nudity is Vogue, what motivates you to stay modest?
A : Well, i don't feel intimidated by people's style. I believe it represents them because your style represents you. Basically, what motivates me is beyond what's in vogue to the world and that's my hereafter (i'm still thriving to be better).

Q : Are you a creative and innovative person? How do you show it?
A : Creative? Yes...Innovative? them on my pieces.

Q : What's your take on Modest Fashion?
A : Most people categorise modest wears for Muslims only but lately, even non-Muslims wear it often which is actually a representation of growth for the fashion industry.

Q : What inspires you and why?
A : Chase the Vision not the money, the money will end up following you.. "You've got to improve yourself daily".. #keepLearning #knowledgeisPower #Nevergiveup

Check out some of her styles i find myself in love with

Love the print and smile!

I love this Best! Coming for this girl! Sight the pearls!

I wasn't joking when i told you she slays!

Simple but Classy! Sight the pearls?

Which of her styles is your favourite?

Have a Lovely Weekend Lovelies,
Loads of Love X Kisses!


  1. You have an eye for beauty. She is truely a beautiful fashionista with Passion for modesty. Its a nice write up dear. Waiting for more....

  2. I know right! Yeah, she is. Thanks for stopping by always hun.

  3. More power to your elbow. To Ruqayyah Ayoola, baarakallaahu feeh.



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