Our Modest Fashionista of the week is the ever gorgeous Teslimah Yusuf  also known as Hajia_belle on Instagram.

She's a Chartered Accountant and the CEO of Ma Belle Makeover (check out her lovely works on her IG page @mabellemakeover). She's married with three beautiful kids, yes, you read that right, 3 kids! and still looking this gorgeous! If i can look this gorgeous after 3 kids, i will be the happiest woman on earth, seriously!
She's been my style crush since University days, so when i started blogging, i just knew i had to feature her as my style crush if i want to be truthful to myself. Each time i see her picture, she reminds me that being a mother doesn't stop you from slaying modestly.

Interested in knowing more about her? Read my short interview with her below;

Q : Please write a little about yourself.
A : My name is Teslimat Yusuf. A proud wife and mother of three beautiful kids, Alhamdulillah. I was born in Nigeria which was where I schooled up to my secondary education. I travelled to the UK for my first degree and I’ve been living here since then. I’m a chartered accountant but my love for makeup and fashion precede this. I’m a freelance professional makeup artist and alhamdulillah I’m in love with what I do.

Q : What does fashion mean to you?
A : Fashion is how I express myself. I believe that “I am what I wear” and fashion helps me make this statement. 

Q : We are in a world where Nudity is Vogue,what motivates you to stay modest?
A : Alhamdulillah dressing modestly  is becoming more and more promoted and accepted in the western world, this makes it easy for we sisters to dress confidently in our modest cloths. Dressing modestly commands respect (from even strangers) without necessarily knowing who you are. This alone motivates me other than the basic fact that it is one of the requirements of being a muslimah. 

Q : Are you a creative and innovative person? How do you show it?
A : To be honest I won’t say I’m much of an innovative person but I can definitely say I am a bit creative when it comes to makeup application and dressing up. For makeup, I love to play with unusual colours to create a beautiful look and as for fashion, I love to recreate ‘less’ modest cloths to become more modest for me to wear. I also love to create and style my clients whenever they require my services. 

Q : What's your take on Modest Fashion
A : Like I said earlier, modest fashion is becoming more and more promoted and this is very welcomed as I believe it is long overdue for the media to show the world that modest fashion is the way forward.  

Q : What Inspires you and why?
A : Hmmm... not sure what Inspires me. In terms of fashion, I really don’t have a particular source of inspiration. I love all things beautiful and modest and I can derive my inspiration from anything of such e.g nature; colours; people etc. 

she was preggy and still slayed!

Did i hear you say pregnant and perfect?

I hope you all love this week's Modest fashionista as much as i do. Which of her styles is your favourite?

Have a great weekend fam!
Love X Kisses.....


  1. Ma sha Allah. Good work dear! Keep going. Allah is your strength!

  2. I love all her outfits. First saw her on bellanaija a few years ago and I was captivated.
    Well done, omodasola!

  3. Masha Allah! Jzk khairan for featuring me and well done for an amazing write up! I love it.

    1. Wa iyaki sis..thanks for the opportunity. Thank you!

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