Hey Lovers! I'm back with my trash piece. 

This time, i made a skirt out of old punch newspapers. Thanks to a sweet friend who gave out the old newspapers from her office...thanks darling! What i actually had in mind was a newspaper dress but
i had issues designing the bodice, i'm still a work in progress, you know! This piece took a lot of time but i enjoyed every bit of it.

It's really amazing that i have come to see beauty in trash! My hubby had to ask me one morning if i was I was not sure myself if i still had my brain intact but i had Google to my rescue, and guess what i found, i was absolutely normal. I saw trash pieces on the runway! Even celebrities rocked trash pieces on the red carpet. Isn't that Amazing?!

This project has been a self discovery for me and i'm proud to be called an Eco-Fashion Designer!
back view
If you're wondering where you can rock a trash piece to. I have some ideas for you

  • If you are daring and fashion forward, you can actually wear a trash piece to an award/dinner, i bet you'll be popular because all eyes will be on you.
  • Costume Day
  • Costume can rock this to a costume party. Some parties are tagged anything but cloth, so instead of going naked, wear an outfit made from trash!
If you missed the first trash piece i designed, you can see it HERE 

Like i said earlier, this project has been a self discovery for me and i'm looking at a bigger picture already. I hope to share my journey with you guys, so watch out! And cheers to great things to come!

Kindly share your thoughts and criticisms on this piece in the comment section and Share.

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  1. Oshe!eco-fashion designer. This is amazing.can't even imagine how much time you spent on this.



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