It's almost time for Eid!!! A day to thank Allah, celebrate with family and friends and eat plenty foooodddd! 

We all love wearing new clothes and looking our best on Eid. Some people even shop for eid before the start of ramadan...lol! Whether you have your eid outfit ready or you're still undecided about what to wear, i have some cool ideas for you.

Since Eid falls in the summer this year, at least in most countries, you're free to do bright colors. Dresses, Abayas, Boubous, Kaftans,Wide leg jumpsuits/pants are some of the many options you have. Feel free to try the all white look or white with gold embroidery, you'll look super cool.

You can also decide to be a pink lady for eid. Afterall, it's summer! Baby pink, fuschia, candy pink, deep cherry, in short any shade of pink will work fine in lace, tulle or even plain materials with floral and sequins/shimmer finish.

Black abaya is another common thing to wear on eid, but you don't want to look common this year, YEA RIGHT! So go for nice materials like lace, tulle, preferably with hints of gold. Black and gold is sweet, you know!

Native wears are not left out from this list. Add tulle, floral appliques, do exaggerated sleeves and go for bright colors. No time to dull!

Don't forget to complete your look with sunglasses, accessories, nice shoes, preferably mules, comfortable heels is a good idea too.

Scroll down to see my handpicked fashionable outfits for Eid....

love this exxagerated sleeves for abaya..super cool!

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