Fashion rules have a way of telling us what to wear or what not to. Some people even take it to heart more than the 10 commandments. I don't know about you but these rules have to be broken. Think of it this way, if we don't break fashion rules, how do fashion trends evolve. Here is a list of some of the fashion rules you should be breaking, like NOW!

  • WEAR SPARKLY CLOTHES IN THE EVENING ONLY ; Please break this rule confidently! Bring out that sparkly sequin top in your wardrobe, pair with jeans and blazers. You can also pair a sequin turtle neck long sleeved top with a sleeveless gown and sneakers for street look. Styling option is endless.


  • RED AND PINK CLASH : You say what? This is 2017 please! Red and pink are power colors and look great when paired together. Even designers like Gucci, Balenciaga, Celine and Valentino all sent the pink and red looks down the runway last season. 

  • NEVER WEAR GOLD AND SILVER JEWELRY ; It is a fashion rule that you don't mix metals. Wear only gold or silver. I'm giving you the permission to break this rule immediately. Get your gold and silver jewelries out and wear them together. It looks cool!

  • DON'T MIX PRINTS ; Prints look more beautiful when paired together. Break this rule and have fun playing with prints. You'll love it.

  • YOUR BAG AND SHOES MUST MATCH : Like seriously? Please it's 2017...your shoes and bag do not have to match. Play with colors! After all, there's something called color blocking. Pair opposite colors to get an interesting combination. It's not wrong to match your bag and shoes but it is not a must 

  • SNEAKERS ARE FOR THE GYM ONLY : If you are one of those who haven't ditched this rule yet, you have to do it now. In fact, sneakers can be paired with almost anything for an outdoor look. The Athleisure trend is even stepping up the game by pairing with sweatpants/gym wears.

  • MENSWEAR IS FOR MEN ONLY : If you hold on to this rule, then you're seriously missing some good wide jean pants, cool Tees and blazers  which are always available in the mens section, most times, even cheaper.

  • DON'T WEAR SOCKS AND SANDALS : Yassss! This is one rule i want to break so bad. The combo is very cool and nice.

  • YOU CAN'T WEAR BLACK AND BROWN : Don't know who made this rule but black and brown really looks cool together. You should break this rule and combine the two colors in your outfit.


Bottom line ; Do not let some fashion rule stop you from wearing what you love/comfortable in. Break rules and you may just be the next trend setter.
Which other fashion rule do you think should be dumped right away....kindly share in the comment section.

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  1. Girl!!!!!! It's 2017!!!! Preach baby! Why stick to some damn rules when you can be extra? In my world no fashion rules exist. I'm forever wearing what I feel like wearing.



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