Food is our common ground, a Universal experience - James Beard.

No matter where life takes us, there may be different languages, culture, way of dressing but one thing is common, FOOD! Holland is no different, they are several food option and varieties. It was kind of strange at first that i need to wait for a particular day in the week to get fresh foodstuffs. In Nigeria, where i come from, i can easily walk into the market any day of the week and get some fresh foodstuffs but in Netherlands, Open markets are only 2 or 3 days in a week.

The typical holland shopping bag, has a wheel and makes shopping very easy and stress-free.

The biggest and most popular outdoor market in the Netherlands is the Albert Cuyp market which has been in existence since 1905 with about 260 stalls set up down one long street in Amsterdam. Another poplular one is the Farmer's market, Noordermarkt which opens on every saturday of the month.

The most interesting thing is every neighborhood has an outdoor market which opens twice a week. In my neighborhood, Open Markets are on Monday and Friday of every week. The market fills the center of the city and offers all kind of fresh and dry food, fruits and vegetables, meat and cheese, fresh herbs etc. You will find basically everything you want and even more.

Yellow habanero, very spicy. You only need 1 or 2 with plenty tomatoes. Trust me, it's that spicy!

Whenever the naija girl in me misses peppersoup, i use this fish. So nice!

And yes! Street food. But the naija blood in me isn't satisfied with these. I mean, what's street food without my darling Akara ati isu dindin(bean cake and fried yam), Wanke(ghanian rice and beans), Boiled and roasted corn, errrmmm, let me stop there. I'm salivating already. Maybe i should even start Akara business, what do you think fam!

If you haven't read my last POST then you must be wondering what this kind of post is doing on a fashion blog. *side eye* That's why you shouldn't miss any of my posts. Your favorite blog is now a fashion/lifestyle blog. Yipee!

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