Sometimes, i don't know which of my embarrassing moments takes the lead. Is it the fear of using the escalator for many years or the day i was stranded at the station because the dollar i brought in from Nigeria was confirmed fake when i wanted to exchange it for Euro. Gosh.
The one i'm about to share is actually funny because i simply embarrassed myself. A clear example of I use my hand do myself (pidgin english).

It was my first travel experience and i wanted to be the best dressed at the airport (so i thought). In fact, i made sure everything i wore was new (bruh! it was that serious). Looking back now, i think everything was still okay until i decided to buy a 4'' court shoe to complete my look. At that time, i just had my baby and i still wonder how i never considered the stress that would come with travelling with an infant. I just wanted to look gorgeous and be the attention at the airport.

Anyway, i got what i wanted. All eyes were on me and i was feeling so fly. I wore a black bodycon top, black fitted jeans, a custom made sequined midi kimono with my 4" shoes! I started having issues right from Muritala Muhammad Airport, Lagos, I had to battle with my infant(no stroller) and my hand luggage.

I had a stop over at Casablanca, had to walk long distance, i used the stairs instead of escalator(i was scared of that shit! not anymore, thank God!), i was suffering and sweating in that high heels. At a point i started walking like someone just learning to walk, oh Lord! People were looking at me, i'm sure they must have been like, who sent you message. I looked around, everyone was wearing flat or sneakers, i couldn't cry.

When we got to Schipol airport, i couldn't take it anymore, my feet was sore, i couldn't walk anymore. I removed my shoes and walked barefooted! Yes, i did! The whites were looking at me but i didn't care at that point. I cannot come and die jor. That's how i walked barefooted in an International Airport and disgraced myself. My shakara ended right there. Since then, comfort comes first when i'm travelling, i learnt the hard way! Better don't laugh at me..or else!
what i wore, my veil was smaller though and the heels instead of brogues.

I'm sure we have all had one or more embarrassing moments in life. Feel free to share guys! I'd be in the comment section.

Happy Easter Celebration to my Xtian readers.

Love Always,


  1. �������� not traveled with a baby before but I sure won’t do that in heels!

  2. Chai. Shakara will not kill you. I can't sympathize with you biko.



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