Eid Mubarak in advance my loves. May we witness many more in sha Allah.

So, i collaborated with the gorgeous Nahima to create my first Eid look-book and i totally love the outcome. Nahima is a self-taught Makeup Artiste in Amsterdam and i'm still wondering why she hasn't added photographer/cinematographer to her Bio. She made my work so easy, i didn't need to talk too much, Nahima understood me so well, we really connected..that's ART.

I think gold is my new best color, the more shimmery, the better. This is my favorite look from the look-book. It's a boubou i made from this sheer fabric. you do know sheer is a fashion trend this season right? I wore a black fitted top and skirt, just like i'd style an open abaya. 

I wanted something to complement the hideous blue (lol..the blue is almost not showing on the fabric!) on the fabric, so you can imagine how i leaped with joy when i found this perfect blue purse for 3 euros! at the street market. It looks like my grandma purse but that made me even love it more.
The shades! Oh! i love this cutie from Primark and i really love the beauty it added to the whole look.
Bottom line love! Accessorize this Eid and you'd be so surprised that a simple dress could look so expensive and classy..right in your own eyes!
Be Golden!

Just because it's summer, i decided to use print for the second look and this pleated print fabric was just perfect. I saw it at a fabric market here in Amsterdam and it was love at first sight! I love good things..who doesn't!
 I made a simple abaya from it..even created two scarves from it. I'm a Badass!

And how Gorgeous do Nahima and I look in the matching print scarves? Too Gorgeous more than words (i read your mind!).
Extra picture for you, just because..........
Ooooooppsssss! Another one!

The last look was made from a fabric i got sometime ago. I was happy i finally found something to do with this. This one too was love at first sight and most especially, the price was too good to be true. i made another boubou with it.  
Because the fabric was already busy, i styled with a simple turban, earrings and a beaded clutch from Primark. Totally love the outcome.

By the way, have you seen the video version of the look-book? You should check it out below and please SUBSCRIBE and SHARE on your social media platforms. Because of the kind of messages i have been getting, i must say that Subscription costs nothing, it's absolutely free. It's important you subscribe so that you don't miss any of my contents. Weekly videos after Ramadan! You sure don't want to miss any of it.

I put in so much effort in the look-book and i hope you love the looks. Let me know which one you love best, feedback on the video version will also be much appreciated. Let's meet in the comment section!

Thanks for your love Always.
Yáll know i got mad love for you....


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