Best Moroccan food in Amsterdam? Then you should check out RESTAURANT MOZO located at  Van Woustraat 89 in De Pijp district of Amsterdam. please note that this is an honest review, not sponsored.
I celebrated my birthday at this restaurant on the 18th of july and one of the things i found striking is the fact that only the two owners of the restaurant do the cooking! When they are not around, then business is closed! What a sacrifice just to preserve the unique taste you get here. Definitely, they are not only out for profit but customer's satisfaction. Quite noteworthy!

My overall review would be based on the Location, Ambience, Customer service and The food, of course! Honest review, i promise!
For someone like me who can't even read a map properly (please don't tell anyone i told you..hushhhh), i find the location of this restaurant perfect. I took the Tram 4 from Amsterdam Rai, got off at Jan v/d Heijdenstraat and the restaurant was just in front of me. I think it's very easy to get there from the central station too. So the location is perfect.

I will admit that i find the restaurant kind of small but it can't be argued that the place is really beautiful. i would advise you call to reserve a seat before going and you should be fine. Walking into a restaurant, you should be able to tell what kind of restaurant it is and i think they tried well in this aspect. The ambiance screams Moroccan, so you don't have to be told.

Beautiful Place, if you'd agree with me....

The customer service was also top notch. Well, not because the waiter agreed to take me pictures...hahaha. I actually love the way the food was served with all smiles and the waiter kept asking if the meal was good, he also taught me how to eat the Tagine properly (You should definitely check out this post for that). The only off-side for me was the opening and closing hours (5pm-9pm). I believe they have a reason for that but it was kinda off for me. Then, the waiter didn't allow me eat upstairs (which,in my opinion is more beautiful) because it was almost 9 and that would give him more mess to clear up. I definitely didn't like that. So i'd say the customer service was Average.

Still on the customer service, another thing that caught my fancy was the way they served my bill. I absolutely love it!

The food! The most important part of the review, it's good to save the best for the last sometimes! The food was good..taste was Explosive! I had grilled prawns marinated in olive oil with garlic cloves, couscous, warm oven stone bread with Tagine Hlou| stewed chicken with dates, almonds and traditional tfaya. The food was really good, i only had issue with the traditional Moroccan tea because i found it too sugary. You should definitely check out this POST for the complete food review.

Overall, i'd recommend this restaurant if you are a great lover of Moroccan food. You'd love it here. I will definitely be going back to try other cuisines. I have some other restaurants on my bucket list too and you can count on me for honest reviews always. So you should definitely subscribe to the blog so you don't miss a thing!

Love Always,

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