July 18 was my birthday, i was wearing an old sequinned gown from my wardrobe, apart from my earrings, nothing else was new, so i decided it was time to try something NEW! I have had Chinese and Italian dishes in the past and this time, i wanted a different taste. So your girl celebrated the Moroccan way at MOZO RESTAURANT. (BEST MOROCCAN RESTAURANTS IN AMSTERDAM? YOU MAY WANT TO CHECK OUT MY REVIEW ABOUT MOZO HERE). Was it worth it? Hmmm...Maybe, Maybe Not, you should read till the end to know.

For Mokbilaat | Starters, i had several options to pick from but i went for the Kimroun (grilled prawns marinated in olive oil with garlic cloves). Man! i forgot to take a picture because it was so good! I took a short video, you may want to check it out on my Instagram . This was indeed an appetizer, it played with my taste buds in a very nice way and made me long for more! It was that good!

For the Tabaak Raisi | Main Course, it was really had to choose a dish. I have always loved couscous, in fact, it's one of the dishes i make once weekly but i wanted to have the Moroccan feel. So i decided to do Tagine (Moroccan stew)  served with warm stone oven bread and extra Moroccan couscous. 

I had the Tagine Hlou ; stewed chicken with dates, almonds and traditional tfaya (chickpeas, raisins and cinnamon). Total taste-bud explosions with illegal fireworks! At first, i used the spoon and i wasn't feeling it, then i thought to ask the waiter how it's eaten traditionally. He told me i had to use my bare hands, scooping the tagine with the warm stone bread and trust me when i say this made a huge difference in the taste. I don't know how but it did. Trust me!

The warm oven stone bread made the Tagine more enjoyable. The bread is a bit hard just like the name 'stone bread' depicts but that was not my first time with hard bread, so i loved it!

The couscous was okay too even though i couldn't eat it halfway, i was so full and satisfied but i wouldn't let go. Not I had it packed and i enjoyed it the next day, the taste was even better.

For Halwa | Desserts, i had a small pot of Traditional Moroccan mint tea , it was good but to be honest, it was too sugary for me, i felt like i was drinking sugar only. I have always heard that Arabs love sugar a lot but i never thought it was to this extent. 

I would recommend Moroccan food if you want to try something new, be free to experiment. i totally enjoyed myself and i can't wait to try other Moroccan cuisines but if you are someone like me who doesn't like so much sugar, then, you may want to pass on the tea.

Which Moroccan dish (es) have you tried before? Which do you love best and which one do you recommend i try next. Kindly let me know in the comment section.

Love Always,

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