Growing up in a proper African home, I always heard words like 'If you let any boy touch you, you are doomed forever.. you see Bose, iya Biliki's daughter? Since she got pregnant she hasn't been able to further her education. Is that the kind of life you want?" No ma! I would say. I had vowed then to keep my chastity till marriage because that was the only way I would not end up as a single mother, unwanted or looked down upon by the society. That was the only way I would get a man of my dreams, have the family of my dreams, enjoy my career life and be successful. 
No! No one told me that keeping my chastity still doesn't prevent me from being a single mother. No! No one told me life could pick me up so roughly, spin me continuously till I almost lose my breath and throw me down so hard that I almost break into pieces.
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